Our Services

Techniplus specializes in a wide range of engineering capabilities and has the expertise, experience and manpower to deliver a variety of sector-specific services. Ports
  • Assembling and commissioning of port cranes and the (warranty) maintenance/repair of these cranes
  • Assembling, commissioning of yard cranes like Reach Stackers, Fork Lift Trucks, RTG’s (Rubber Tired Gantries),straddle carriers etc.
  • Training of operators after commissioning
  • Maintenance and repair contracts for all types of port quay/yard lifting equipment
  • Supply and installation of quay fenders
  • Supply of diverse auxiliary hoist devices like Grabs, loading arms etc.
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Supply, assembling and installation of  all types  of overhead cranes, hoists, jib cranes with lifting capacities varying from 0-250 Tons etc.
  • Supply of spare parts and other accessories (remote controls, brakes, motors etc) for diverse brands of this equipment
  • Supply, assembling, commissioning of mobile equipment used at industrial plants like Fork Lift Trucks, Reach Stackers and other modes of transport
  • Supply and installation and maintenance of all kind of attachments to cranes like magnets, grabs etc.
  • Testing and inspection of all types of lifting devices
  • Maintenance, inspections and repair contracts for all types of lifting equipment
Furthermore Techniplus is an affiliate of the Finish crane builder Kone Cranes (, a world leader in the lifting sector, serving a broad range of customers in manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports and terminals. Besides of Kone Cranes, Techniplus is also collaborating with diverse other crane suppliers and has the expertise and specialists in place to execute  maintenance and repairs of cranes of different brands within and outside Morocco. Our major customers include the operators of Morocco’s largest ports at Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir, Jorf Lasfar and Nadur. From the industrial side, the heavy industry like steel plants, mining and automotive industry, aviation industry, Morocco Army and Air Force and others.