→ The path

Since its inception in 1991 to date, TechniPlus realized:

. - The development and improvement of its human resources
- the increase of its share capital of 200 K 3000 K â DAM DAM (≅ € 300,000)
- Increased sales:
+ 19 000 K DAM 2001
+ 81 000 K DAM in 2009

→ The targets by TechniPlus:

- Ensure reliable and competitive services, but still meet the demands of its customers.
- Maintaining flexibility and adaptability of its response teams
- pursue our strategy and continued expansion of our presence in Morocco and abroad .
- Review permanently our organization based on growth targets.

→ The development prospects since November 2010:

TechniPlus became an entity of the Konecranes group in Morocco.
This new situation will inevitably result in a significant development TechniPlus in the coming years.

TechniPlus S.A.R.L.
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